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How Does It Work?

The flow of cold or filtered water from the tap is adjusted and managed in exactly the same way as you normally would use the tap. When the Swich device is turned to the filter setting, you will experience a slightly lower flow of water. This is designed to ensure that the water coming into the filter has sufficient contact time with the activated carbon inside the filter cartridge, housed discreetly under the sink.

Installation is quick and simple. Abode has pioneered the use of push-fit pipe technology for the simple DIY installation of our Swich filtered water diverter system. Normal domestic water passing over the activated carbon filter reduces chlorine levels and reduces sediment, dirt, dissolved metals and rust, resulting in a substantially improved water taste.

Swich Facts

  • Filtered water is always available on demand
  • Filtered water improves the taste of drinks
  • Filtered water creates less plastic waste than bottled water
  • Filtered water is cheaper than bottled water many times over
  • A replacement filter reminder service is available by email or post
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How Much Can I Save?

Filtration Choices

Our filters are designed to improve the taste, odour and effects of hard water removing the chlorine at the same time as other unwanted impurities. Due to the differences in water quality throughout the UK, Swich is now available to purchase with either the classic or high resin filter.

Please read our guide below to help you choose which filter is right for you. You can also contact your local water supplier to find out the water hardness in your area if you are unsure. Typically we would recommend the classic filter is used in soft to moderately soft water areas and the high resin filter in slightly hard to very hard water areas.

Classic Swich Filter - Polyphosphate Additive

Polyphosphate is a crystal like additive widely used across the food and water treatment industry.

In normal use, the glass like 2-4mm polyphosphate crystal spheres in the filter cartridge will very slowly dissolve into the incoming water supply to a very weak concentration, once the water is treated the phosphate and silicate forms a microscopic protective layer coating onto metallic surfaces.

This microscopic layer brings two main advantages:

  • Scale in the water will find it harder to stick to the metal surfaces (such as sinks, kettles and pans) therefore reducing the need for descaling and saving energy use. It is important to note that polyphosphate does not remove scale from the water.
  • The thin protective layer helps to protect metal surfaces from corrosion found in soft water conditions.

As the crystals dissolve, the effect of them is reduced, once completely dissolved the filter cartridge will require replacement.

High Resin Swich Filter - Ion Exchange Resin Additive

Ion exchange resin again is a proven technology for water scale reduction treatment similar to that used in jug filters. The special ion exchange beads used in our filters are a spherical resin material that the incoming water passes over inside the filter.

As the water passes over the beads every calcium or magnesium ion (commonly found minerals in hard water supplies) are replaced with positively charged hydrogen ions, this reaction will reduce dissolved inorganic and trace metal compounds.

The weak acidic cation resin used in our filters in very hard water areas may give the water a slight sparkling appearence, additionally it will slightly lower the pH value.

The ion exchange beads do not dissolve but over time the active sites of the beads become filled with the removed minerals and the capability of the filter is reduced, once spent the filter will require replacement.

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