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Why choose Swich?

For the first time you. are no longer restricted in the style of tap you can have in your kitchen. Introducing Swich, this revolutionary product will now transform your kitchen tap, new or old, into a filtered water tap delivering a constant supply of crystal clear filtered water. The Swich is easy to install and use. Simply turn the handle control to indicate the type of water supply that you wish to channel through the tap – giving you immediate access to both the domestic supply and then to water filtered through the Abode Aquifier filter cartridge, delivering clear refreshing results.

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Filtered Water Flow

Normal Water Flow

The flow of cold or filtered water from the tap is adjusted and managed in exactly the same way as you would normally use the tap. When the Swich is turned to the filter setting, you will experience a lower flow of water. This is designed to ensure that the water coming into the filter has sufficient contact time with the activated carbon inside the filter cartridge, housed discreetly under the sink.

Installation is quick and simple. Abode has pioneered the use of push-fit pipe technology for the simple DIY installation of our Swich filtered water diverter system. Normal domestic water passing over the 5 Micron activated carbon filter reduces chlorine levels and reduces sediment, dirt, dissolved metals and rust resulting in a substantially improved water taste.

Aquifier Filter Facts

  • Premium Filtration – 5 Micron filter density.

  • Capacity is 5600 litres / 1500 gallons (an average 6 months family usage).

  • Specially formulated high absorption activated carbon media.

  • Proprietary scale inhibition system.

  • Simple, fast and secure ‘SafeLock’ cartridge mounting system for easy replacement.

  • 90 degree twist to open and release the cartridge. The opposite to lock.

  • Replacement filter reminder service by email or post.

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