Does your tap water taste so bad that you are forced to buy bottled mineral water or use a space consuming water filter jug? If so, adding a Swich to your kitchen will solve your problems.

Using Swich means you are not restricted when choosing the style of tap, be it pull out, professional, single lever or traditional. Or add Swich alongside your existing tap to transform its functionality. The main benefit as we see it is you can finally ditch single use plastic bottles if you’re a consumer of bottled mineral water.

The Award Winning Swich is easy to install, either in the worktop or in the second tap hole of an inset sink, it can even be installed in the bathroom for that late night thirst.

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Sustainability Cheaper than buying bottled water many times over, better for the environment than using plastic bottles and ensures filtered water is always available.

Health & Wellness If bottles of water or water filter jugs are your only means to drink fresh tasting water, Swich could help you to drink your recommended daily intake of water whilst not impacting the environment or taking up essential space

Space Saving Don’t compromise on style, pair with any tap any style, professional, pull out, single lever or monobloc.
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Simple to Use Simply turn to divert to the filtered water function and back again to the standard cold water supply.
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Easy to Install Swich is simple to install between your existing tap and cold water supply.
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Filter Recycle Scheme Utilise our Filter Recycle Scheme when using our genuine high resin filters* and have complete peace of mind you are doing your bit for the environment.
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Pair Swich with any style of tap

Make the Swich from bottled water, save money and the environment.

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Costs up to 6x less than bottled water

In just over 6 months the savings made on bottled water will cover the initial cost of Swich.

For each year thereafter, using Swich, you'll spend nearly 6 times less a year for your filtered water.

Swich First Year Cost: £390*

  • Avg cost of recommended 2 litres per adult per day: 2p
  • Per year per person: £7.30
  • Av cost of 2 refillable water bottles per year: £32
  • Year 1 Max cost of Swich unit with 2 filters: £343
  • Year 2 onwards with 2 filters, 2 bottles & water: £122 p/year

Bottled Water First Year Cost: £686**

  • Avg cost of recommended 2 litres per adult per day: 94p
  • Per year per person: £343

* Based on the inital Swich device, 2 bottles & 2 filters - hard water areas need 2 filters per year. Costs would be lower for soft water areas using 1 filter per year.

** Based on a 2 person household. Naturalsourcewaters.org.uk recommend an intake of 2 litres of water per person per day.

Swich could help you save* 2920 plastic water bottles each year!

13 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill each year in the UK. If you currently buy your water in 1/2 litre bottles SWICH could help you save* 2920 bottles each year. A great contribution to the environment.

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Filtration choices If you live in a soft or moderate water area, the minerals which cause water hardness and scale are not generally a problem. Therefore the Swich GAC filter is the option for you, this simply deals with taste and odour to ensure that chlorine taste doesn’t put you off drinking the water from your tap.

In a hard or very hard water area you need the High Resin filter option. As well as dealing with taste and odour this filter also contains polyphosphate which reduces water harness and scale. This is especially important for appliance protection, using filtered water to fill up the kettle for example will significantly reduce scale build up on the element and in turn potentially prolong the life of this appliance, as well as proving a much nicer cup of tea of course.

Why filter your drinking water? During the water cycle water can pick up minerals, particulates and contaminants. Much of this is dealt with before the water enters our homes, however particulates which block valves on equipment and have an unpleasant taste can remain, as well as the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine which is introduced to deal with any contaminants in the water.

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