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How to tap into saving water
Monday 14th May 2018

Not so long ago, saving water consumption was one of those ideas that many thought was good, but not exactly a high priority. That changed when water metering was introduced, and even those of us for whom reducing the amount of water we used was a moral issue, now had an extra reason to cut back how much we used.

By Grahame Morrison

Spring Influences
Tuesday 1st May 2018

Thank goodness, there's now a hint of spring in the air, which is very welcome after that slog from January through to March, bludgeoned by the most awful weather!

By Linda Parker

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What's trending on the home interiors blogosphere in 2018
Friday 13th Apr 2018

Decorating and revamping your home can be an exciting project and there's no time like the spring-time for getting stuck in amd making sone changes.

By Abode

Plastic Waste - How we can do our bit?
Friday 6th Apr 2018

It's quite staggering but laid out end-to-end the amount of plastic bottles an average family of four throws away each year would stretch from Manchester to Liverpool...

By Fiona Pavely

Top tips for planning your bathroom
Monday 19th Mar 2018

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, but it is also one of the most valuable; while a new bathroom may seem like a big investment, spending time and effort on getting it right can add significant value to the property overall.

By Abode

Choosing your kitchen sink and tap
Tuesday 9th Jan 2018

Like a reliable Wi-Fi signal, trains that run on time and a good cup of coffee, an efficient wet area is something we take for granted – and instantly notice when it’s not working as it should be. If your sink and tap are looking worn, leaking or simply don’t suit your lifestyle, it’s time to treat your kitchen to an upgrade.

By Rachel Ogden

A Colourful Future for Kitchens and Bathrooms
Monday 8th Jan 2018

Henry Ford once famously said regarding the colour options of his Model T car that it was “available in any colour as long as its black”, and for a while it looked like kitchen furniture was limiting its options too, except it was white that was the dominant colour.

By Grahame Morrison

Getting the kitchen and bathroom ready for Christmas
Thursday 30th Nov 2017

Christmas comes but once a year as they say, and for many people this means… house guests! Having a new kitchen or bathroom to impress your visitors may sound like a good idea. Read more...

By Grahame Morrison

Get ready for Christmas with a kitchen remodel
Thursday 23rd Nov 2017

You might have finalised your present list, gathered a few extra chairs for the dining table and tidied the guest bedroom but is your kitchen up to the task of catering for Christmas?

By Rachel Ogden

Small Space Solutions
Friday 20th Oct 2017

There are little design tricks that can help make the most of a small bathroom - not everyone has the luxury of a vast expanse of floor space!

By Linda Parker

How To Use Metallics In Kitchen Design
Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Whether you prefer calming neutral tones, classic styling or sleek contemporary lines, there's a simple way to take your kitchen scheme to the next level. Read more...

By Rachel Ogden

Bathroom Inspirations
Wednesday 16th Aug 2017

If you're just back from a summer holiday that involved drifting around a gorgeous spa-like bathroom, seize the moment and get inspired to add that spa-like touch. Read more...

By Linda Parker

Hot Home Renovation Trends for 2017
Tuesday 1st Aug 2017

Now is the ideal time of year for renovating your home. Not only is it usually mild and dry enough to have doors and windows (or walls) open to the elements, it means you can reap the benefits when summer fully arrives. Read more...

By Rachel Ogden

In The Kitchen
Tuesday 1st Aug 2017

One of the most exciting new launches from the design team at Abode is the new Pronteau 3 IN 1 hot water tap. Read more...

By Linda Parker

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