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Tuesday 20th Aug 2019

Picture the kitchen of your dreams and it may well be one that is blessed with vast amounts of floor space, flooded with natural light and an organised oasis of calm.

By Abode

Wednesday 17th Jul 2019

When the weather heats up most of us take more liquids on board to stay hydrated. As the heatwave sets in our thirst for cold, refreshing drinks rises too...

By Emma

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Friday 7th Jun 2019

For those of you looking for inspiration for your next kitchen renovation then we are sure you have seen the striking and eye-catching brass finish adorning Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards alike. Tap into brass in the kitchen...

By Abode

Kitchen design trends fresh from the catwalk
Friday 12th Apr 2019

Whether you are in the market for a whole new kitchen or simply want to give the space you have a freshen up, having an idea of what’s trending will ensure the room is on point. There is no better place to discover the key styles to look out for than a European furniture show.

By Emma

Filtered water for big savings on tap
Thursday 11th Apr 2019

While you may think that upscaling your kitchen tap will only really be beneficial in terms of giving the room a fresh new look, it can actually also have advantages for your health and the environment.

By Abode

Revamp your kitchen like a pro with industrial-style design
Tuesday 19th Mar 2019

Modern, clean and eclectic, with a mix of raw materials and large, open-plan spaces, industrial-style kitchens are big news in the world of interior design and a popular choice for the contemporary home.

By Emma

Focus on black
Friday 1st Mar 2019

Giving the kitchen a designer look often comes down to combining certain materials or opting for a particular colour scheme, and adding touches of black is certain to make a sophisticated impression.

By Abode

Kitchen Facelifts on a Budget
Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019

Spring is the perfect time for giving your kitchen a facelift, and when budget and time constraints put paid to a full-blown overhaul, there are plenty of cost-effective and relatively quick ways to give the space a new look and add in some extra functionality where it will be felt the most.

By Emma

Spruce up the home for Christmas
Tuesday 4th Dec 2018

Christmas is coming and with it come house guests. At one of the busiest and expensive times of the year in terms of present buying, attending parties and food preparation, decorating your home ready for when friends and family descend may not be high on the agenda.

By Abode

Traditional with a modern twist
Tuesday 20th Nov 2018

The continued popularity of traditional kitchen and bathroom design and how it has taken a modern twist.

By Emma

Saving time over Christmas
Tuesday 6th Nov 2018

With Christmas on the horizon our thoughts turn to entertaining friends and family. One of the great seasonal traditions of course is eating, drinking and being merry, which usually requires countless hours of preparation in the kitchen getting party food ready, preparing the Christmas dinner and keeping guests happy with a seemingly endless supply of tea and coffee.

By Abode

Award winning blogger makes the Swich!
Tuesday 30th Oct 2018

Making the switch to filtered water on tap & becoming more environmentally friendly with Swich.

By Emma

A Buyers Guide to Hot Water Taps
Friday 5th Oct 2018

Hot water taps are fast becoming a must-have solution for the kitchen – offering the convenience of steaming hot water literally on tap, without needing to wait for the kettle to boil and freeing up worktop space for an uncluttered finish.

By Abode

Clever Storage - Utilise Your Space Well
Friday 24th Aug 2018

The important thing when planning a new kitchen or updating an existing one is to make sure your storage space is making it worki to it’s best advantage. A few tweaks here and there can improve the useable space you have available.

By Linda Parker

Sinks and taps - the perfect pair in any kitchen
Wednesday 15th Aug 2018

No kitchen is complete without a sink and no kitchen sink is complete without a tap, but what makes the perfect pairing? With the two products so often purchased as a package it’s an important question, and with so many different styles, materials and finishes to choose from it can be a difficult decision to make.

By Abode

A Touch of Texture
Monday 16th Jul 2018

All rooms need a little bit of texture … in the kitchen and bathroom it’s all too easy to end up with a room that is covered in hard, shiny surfaces. If there’s not much colour around, this type of room can often end up looking cold, soul-less and harsh. A bit surgical, if you like!

By Emma

Enjoy fresh, filtered water on tap with a clear conscience
Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018

There has been much in the news recently surrounding the issue of plastic pollution: a problem that is already resulting in plastic entering every level of the ocean food chain and even ending up in the seafood on our plates.

By Abode

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