Corporate Responsibility

Company Responsibility

Abode is commited to the best corporate practices and ethical values. The company undertakes its business in a lawful manner and takes reasonable measures to require that members of its supply chains do the same in relation to our commitment to the eradication of slavery and human trafficking.

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Social Responsibility

UK water shortages have moved from being the freak to the norm in more and more areas throughout the UK. We are now using on average 140 litres of water per day, 70% more than 30 years ago. This dramatic increase in water usage has not been matched by an increase in water treatment and availability, leading to this non-sustainable resource limited supply and hence the continual droughts we are experiencing today.

As water users it is our responsibility to become more aware of the impact we are having on the environment through inefficient water usage.

Abode recognises the importance of conserving water within the home as well as designing and developing suitable products that help save water and offer these useful tips as well as a range of inexpensive water saving devices to make your home more water efficient:

Follow our ten tips to water preservation and save yourself some money too.

1. When washing up ensure you plug your sink bowl(s) prior to turning on the tap. Thousands of litres of water are wasted per day through not carrying out this simple operation.

2. Ensure you fill a bowl to rinse crockery or vegetables for food preparation rather than rinsing directly under a full flowing tap.

3. Don’t leave the tap running unattended or running fully when not needed for example when lathering your hands prior to washing.

4. Install a flow-limiting valve to your water supply that will restrict the maximum flow of water through the tap and offer a consistent maximum flow rate regardless of the incoming water pressure.

5. Store a jug or bottle of water for drinking in the fridge meaning you will have a constant source of chilled water rather than having to run the tap for a period of time before cold water flows.

6. When installing a new boiler or tap try and maintain the shortest possible pipe runs from your water heater to the tap meaning hot water runs hotter more quickly.

7. If you notice your tap is dripping check joints and seals, if they are worn you will need to replace the o-rings and possibly the valve as well - a dripping tap can waste up to 140 litres of water per week!

8. Attach a jet spray aerator to your tap spout allowing water flow to be switched from spray to jet easily. Using the spray setting saves water and can make certain tasks quicker and easier such as rinsing hands and vegetables during food preparation.

9. Install isolation valves to the hot and cold water inlet pipes. If your tap develops a leak you will quickly be able to isolate the leak and reduce the amount of wasted water. You will also still be able to use water around the rest of your home without the inconvenience of turning off water supply to your entire property for the duration of repair.

10. Set the temperature of your boiler so the maximum output temperature is 46°C this is hot enough to kill bacteria & cut through grease. If your water temperature is higher than this you will be wasting energy, risking scalding accidents and potentially damage your tap. If your boiler does not have temperature control, install a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) this will achieve the same results.

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