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Big Bowl Capacity, Compact Solution

Synchronist sinks redefine the notion of compact. These ingeniously designed sinks offer you the best of both worlds: a space saving solution that boasts an expansive fill to brim bowl capacity. Say goodbye to cramped quarters and hello to a world of culinary creativity.


Functionality at Your Fingertips

Our sinks are your silent kitchen partner, designed to work harmoniously with you and your kitchen. Discover superlative functionality that maximises your workflow and liberates precious worktop space. Transform your kitchen into an efficient haven which sees every task become a breeze. Synchronist granite sinks are available in three sophisticated finishes: Matt Black, Matt White and Metallic Grey. Say hello to space, style and superlative functionality – say hello to Synchronist.


Redefining Versatility

Choose from a range of bowl sizes, each tailored to your unique needs. Synchronist offers flexible 2-in-1 installation, so you can customise your kitchen layout with ease. With our extensive range of accessories, your kitchen becomes a versatile workstation, ready to tackle any task efficiently. Even better, the integrated smart rail helps to these accessories move seamlessly and stay organised.

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