Kitchen Sinks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I consider when considering my choice of sink?

Consider the material and colour you prefer, the uses of the sink, the number of bowls required and the size of the bowls, the type of worktop material you propose to use and the base unit space available to install within. Once you have identified some of the above aspects you can easily navigate through our large selection of sinks to find one suitable for your home.

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What does MBU stand if and why is it important to consider?

MBU stands for Minimum Base Unit and refers to the minimum sized kitchen furniture unit that is required to sit underneath your sink to accommodate for the sink bowl.

How do I identify if I require a left or right handed sink?

The handing of an inset sink where applicable is determined by the side on which the drainer area appears. So if you are standing in front of a sink and would like the bowl on the left and the drainer on the right, this would be a right handed sink.

Here are some useful abbreviations you may come across:

  • LHD = left hand drainer
  • RHD = right hand drainer
  • LHMB = left hand main bowl (for products without a drainer)
  • RHMB = right hand main bowl (for products without a drainer)
What guarantee comes with my Abode sink?

All Abode sinks come with a 10 year warranty. For further warranty details please click here.

Are Abode sinks compliant with CE Marking requirements?

Yes, all Abode sinks are CE marked and manufactured to ISO9001 standards.
How do I care for my Abode Kitchen Sink and what are your cleaning recommendations?

Please click here for an a comprehensive guide to caring for your products.

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