Aquifier FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Aquifier tap?

An Aquifier tap is a 3 way kitchen tap delivering hot, cold and filter water.

Why use an Aquifier Water Filter Product?

The quality of the water supply in the UK is some of the best in the world and something to be proud of, legally it must pass a series of stringent standards and testing schedules before it reaches our taps.

However it can be argued that most people would prefer the taste and smell of bottled water to normal tap water, this is primarily due to the chlorine that is added to our municipal water for safety.

Our aquifier safelock filters are designed to improve the taste, appearance, odour and effects of hard water removing the chlorine at the same time as other unwanted impurities.

As a more practical and ecological alternative to bottled water & jug filters our range of Aquifier water filter taps, Swich and safelock filters offer a better more neutral tasting drinking water directly ‘on tap’ from your kitchen.

In summary:

  • Filtered water improves the taste of drinks and cooking
  • Filtered water is always available on demand
  • Filtered water creates less plastic waste than bottled water
  • Filtered water is cheaper than bottled water many times over
  • Most people cannot tell the difference between filtered water and bottled water
  • Filtered water can help with the effects of hard water
  • Abode operate a free filter reminder service
  • Changing the filter is as easy as changing a light bulb and requires no tools

How can I identify what water pressure / system I have in my home?

Please click here for an introductory view on water pressures and the most common found water system in the UK.

How long should the filter last and how do I know when to replace it?

This will depend upon the quality of the incoming water, the amount of use and the flow rate that has been set. The filter replacement schedule is a maximum of 6 months for each filter regardless of its use and is required for hygiene and safety reasons, to help with this replacement schedule:

  • We recommend you write the installation date on the filter cartridge at the time of installation
  • We will remind you automatically if you have registered with us
  • If the difference between the taste of ‘normal’ and filtered water becomes minimal it will require changing
How do I change the filter?

Simple step by step instructions are provided with each replacement filter; it should take no more than five minutes and requires no tools.

  1. Turn off the water using the quarter turn valve
  2. Run the remaining water in the tap to drain it
  3. Remove the old filter
  4. Install the new filter
  5. Turn the water back on

What is the difference between the Aquifier Filter cartridge and the High Resin Filter Cartridge?

The table shown below outlines the differences between the two types of filter cartridges.

Can I install the filter horizontally rather than vertically?

No, the filter functions best if installed vertically. If space is at a premium it can be relocated or installed at a slight off vertical angle if required.
Where can I purchase replacement filters?

Filters can be purchased directly from Abode on 01226 283434 or via the abode shop, please click here. We offer discounts for multiple purchases via both methods. We accept payment by PayPal, cheque, credit & debit cards.

Why does the water run a black colour when the filter is replaced?

The filters use carbon granules to filter the water, during manufacture and transport these granules rub together to create a fine dust. When the filter is first used this dust is released into the filtered water, whilst visually unpleasant it is normal, harmless and will disappear with flushing.

Can I use another type of filter with the Aquifier tap?

Yes, but as we have not tested our products using other types and configurations of filter we cannot guarantee either the quality or the long term effects; accordingly it will invalidate any warranty.

Can I move the filter further away from the tap?

Yes, all our aquifier filters connect using ¼” outside diameter plastic tube, this is available by the meter on request. You should try to plan the installation to use the minimum amount of tube to reduce the amount of flushing required each time your tap is used.
Why does the newly installed filter not appear to change the taste?

The most common reason for this is that the correct flow rate has not been set on the three way tee after the filter was installed. With the tap turned on full and using a kitchen measuring jug and watch adjust the blue three way valve lever to the appropriate rate.

Approximate Flow Rate
(Litres per Minute)Quantity of Water Delivered
Time Taken½ Litre1 Pint1 Litre

Can I use an Aquifer product instead of a separate drinking water dispenser often supplied with a water softener?

Yes, by law all properties with a water softener installed should have source of unsoftened drinking water available. In most cases this is done using a small ‘touch tap’ dispenser near the sink. A practical alternative to this extra dispensing tap is to connect the filtered water connection of an Aquifier tap to the original unsoftened water supply. If you wish to retain your existing kitchen tap then a Swich diverter will allow an additional source of unsoftened water to the existing kitchen tap.
How long can I store my Aquifer filter cartridge?

Each filter cartridge has a shelf life of 2 years if kept in a dry, chemical free environment away from direct sunlight. Once the filter has been exposed to any water the effective life of the filter must begin.

Does the Aquifer filter contain silver?

No, some filter manufacturers use silver as an antibacterial agent, assuming the filter is replaced on schedule this additive is not required.
Why has the filtered water got a slight ‘milky’ appearance?

Our ‘classic’ aquifier filter cartridge contains polyphosphate, if the tap has remained unused for an extended period of time the polyphosphate has dissolved to a higher concentration, this is harmless but to avoid it simply flush the tap for longer before use after extended periods of inactivity.

Are the Aquifer filters safe for use for babies and infants?

Yes, again assuming the filter is replaced on schedule, you also should follow any other normal preparation precautions as advised by the supplement manufacturer.
Are the Aquifer filters safe for people on a restricted sodium diet?

Yes, there are no special restrictions for people on a low sodium intake regime.

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