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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I identify what water system I have in my home?

Please click here for an introductory view on water pressures and the most common found water system in the UK.

What are the advantages of installing a thermostatic shower and / or bath valve in my home?

There are numerous advantages, however here are 5 of the key ones:

  • The prevention of accidental scalding which is equally important to adults as children or the elderly.
  • Removes ‘endless fiddling’ with the temperature mix during a shower (as required with manual valves).
  • Consistent temperature throughout the duration of use regardless of incoming water temperatures or pressures.
  • Reduction of wasted heating and water during initial phase of showering.
  • Safety cut of in case of interruption of cold water supply.

What does TMV stand for?

TMV stand for Thermostatic Mixing Valve. It is designed to quickly stop the flow of water should the output temperature exceed the maximum safe setting. A wax thermostatic element expands and contracts with different temperature levels, this movement is used to adjust the amount of hot water allowed to mix with the cold.

Will my thermostatic shower valve, delivery hot water if someone turn on the cold water tap in my bathroom at the same time.

No, all Abode thermostatic showers have an automatic fail safe built in – should the cold supply fail then the shower will automatically switch off the supply of hot water also.
What is a Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve 1 exit?
1 Exit concealed thermostatic shower valves provide a low pressure option if you only require to operate one outlet. The top handle controls the water flow and the bottom handle controls the water temperature. This is a modern styled valve which is recessed into the wall so you have sleek clean finish on the tiled surface area.

What is a Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve 2 exit?

2 Exit concealed thermostatic shower valves allow for the control of 2 separate outlets. The top handle controls the water flow via a diverter between the two outlets; the bottom handle controls the water temperature. This is a modern styled valve which is recessed into the wall so you have sleek clean finish on the tiled surface area.
What is a 3 Control Thermostatic Shower Valve (2 Independent exits)?
3 Control thermostatic shower valves allow for the option of two independently controlled outlets, which can either be used simultaneously or separately. This is a low pressure alternative perfect for the addition of body jets or a handshower to sit alongside your overhead shower.

What is an Exposed Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve?

The bar shower valve is a surface mounted exposed thermostatic shower valve, which sits proud of your wall. This style of valve reduces installation time and sits perfectly with a choice of one of Abode’s many sliding rail kits.

My Showerhead doesn’t seem to have water coming out of all of the nozzles.

All abode showerheads use silicone jets. Overtime and through use you may find that the showerhead becomes progressively blocked with limescale as a result the the flow rate will reduce. By simply rubbing the jet nozzles with a cloth calcium deposits flake away restoring showerhead performance.

What is limescale and how do I remove it?

Hard water is a mixture of calcium and magnesium compounds and are naturally occurring in some parts of the countries water supply. Limescale, the white chalky deposits left by this ‘hard water’ can reduce the life of ceramic valves and may mark the tap and shower.

Limescale when dry will have a white chalky appearance and will generally gather around the showerhead.

A simple remedy to remove limescale marks and deposits (other than rubbing spray head nozzles) is to dilute white vinegar with water; soak the effected areas then clean with a soft cloth (an old toothbrush may be helpful for tight areas), the product should be rinsed with water afterwards.

The longer the limescale has been present the harder it will be to clean. Do not scrape the limescale off with a sharp object as this will scratch or damage the surface of the tap.

Customers should avoid domestic limescale cleaners as they will void their warranty and damage their product.

Please ref to our ‘Caring for your products’ section for further details on how to maintain your tap.

How do I care for my Abode showering products and what are your cleaning recommendations?

Please click here for an a comprehensive guide to caring for your products

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